Writing Wednesdays

So I know that a lot of writers seem to have some difficulty writing realistic characters, especially 12-27 year old females.  From now on, this post is going to become your Bible of everything you need to make your character real, interesting, and make sure you are not making them the fabled Mary Sue (google if you don’t know what that means).  This right here is going to be a fantasmic list of resources that you will wish you knew a long time ago.

How Not to Write a Female Character

How to write empowering female characters (This one is really great)

Red Flags for female characters written by men  (Also really helpful)

Overthinking-It-Female-Character-Flowchart  Now this chart is going to be hugely helpful.  Save it and zoom.

After you consult these resources, you can rest assured that your female character isn’t a stereotype or a trope.  Well, at least they are less than they would have been!

Music Mondays

Alrighty! So, happy Monday everybody, I’m sure you’re all enthused to be back to work and all, but oh, that weekend.  Doing fun things like sleeping in, going places, sleeping in, watching movies, sleeping in, reading great books, and of course we can’t forget sleeping in.

So, here’s week two of Music Mondays and I have another absolutely fantastic playlist for you!  When you want to have some great background music for writing or editing, this is actually one of the greatest.  All classical, all great, all very very helpful.  To be honest, it’s great music for anything, so why aren’t you already listening to it?

Writing Wednesdays

I’ve come around to deciding that three posts a week is a suitable minimum, and now I have evolved three corresponding categories. *drum roll*  We have Music Mondays, which is really just me discussing what playlists I use to write, and really a bit of a freestyle musical discussion.  Writing Wednesdays are when I either 1. post a short something I have written, 2. talk a bit about how a current writing project is coming along, 3. just take some time to write about something important.  And finally, Fiction Fridays, where I will bring up other people’s books, and really say what I love about them, and which books truly helped form who I am as a person *cough cough Harry Potter*.

So since I’m still getting everything with this blog working, I will be up to speed very soon.

Music Mondays

Alright, come clean.  We all have done and still do listen to music while we read or write.  The only question now is what exactly you’re listening to while you’re doing it!  Maybe it’s a song, an album, an artist, or a playlist, comment!  Give me a follow while you’re at it!

So, as this is the first of a weekly series, I’m going to start with the first thing I used to help me write my current novel.

This playlist is perfect for anyone writing anything! Especially for all you nerds out there, I guarantee there’s going to be quite a few instrumental songs you know.

Here I am

Alrighty! I think I’ve gotten the hang of this (Maybe). The wordpress world (worldpress?) is one of many wonders and is also way more difficult than tumblr to learn to use.  Strangely enough, my writing blogs aren’t gathering followers, but in just one week, my Harry Potter blog has 400 followers! Oh the power of good old JK.  So just to say, I’m a starting author and would love if you would give me a follow or at least check out my blog! Thank you!