Music Mondays

Tomorrow is a new month! Isn’t that great?  So, I see that some of you have really been enjoying Music Mondays, and so here is of course another playlist you should try on for size!  Right here!

I love this one because it is specializing in mostly instrumental waltzes, with a few more familiar tunes.  Once again, if you’re writing a more emotional, dramatic scene, this is the perfect background to help you get those words flowing.  Or of course, I wouldn’t judge you if wanted to dance to this playlist instead of writing (although I wouldn’t suggest you give in to the urge).  So go on and Phantom of The Opera yourself up!  Play this to write, edit, relax to, or even just at work.  Classical as a style is captured perfectly in this selection of songs.  Enjoy the week!

Music Mondays

So I’ve decided to continue on with Music Mondays after talking about the fantastic playlists the last two weeks.

Ok, this is going to need some audience participation (Can I get a ‘whoop whoop’ in here?) so you can either tag me and do this on your blog, or just reply to the post.  Here we are!  The theme of the week is about the songs you listen to when you need to feel motivated or whatever you want to call it.  They’re the songs that when you feel like giving up and deleting that shitty draft make you go on, because you just know if you work a little harder, you’ll make it one day.  So, must have at least five songs and must link them, otherwise, NO RULES!! Be as self absorbed as you want, cause these are YOUR SONGS! Anyways, here’s mine.

Defying Gravity-Wicked the Musical

Hall of Fame-The Script

Billionaire-Glee Version

Gives You Hell-The All-American Rejects

Oh No!-Marina and the Diamonds

Music Mondays

Alrighty! So, happy Monday everybody, I’m sure you’re all enthused to be back to work and all, but oh, that weekend.  Doing fun things like sleeping in, going places, sleeping in, watching movies, sleeping in, reading great books, and of course we can’t forget sleeping in.

So, here’s week two of Music Mondays and I have another absolutely fantastic playlist for you!  When you want to have some great background music for writing or editing, this is actually one of the greatest.  All classical, all great, all very very helpful.  To be honest, it’s great music for anything, so why aren’t you already listening to it?

Music Mondays

Alright, come clean.  We all have done and still do listen to music while we read or write.  The only question now is what exactly you’re listening to while you’re doing it!  Maybe it’s a song, an album, an artist, or a playlist, comment!  Give me a follow while you’re at it!

So, as this is the first of a weekly series, I’m going to start with the first thing I used to help me write my current novel.

This playlist is perfect for anyone writing anything! Especially for all you nerds out there, I guarantee there’s going to be quite a few instrumental songs you know.